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Getting A Little Extra WordPress Help Here.

The Oops Factor With WordPress – A little WordPress Help – All Media Internet Marketing Strategies Tech Blog

Let’s all collect ourselves and grab our mats and sit on the floor for a bit of stress relief. We all need to breath in and let it out. Feeling better? Good NOW GET UP YOU BROKE YOUR SITE!!!!!! Relax as long as you are not getting a 505 error or a blue screen of death your goo………… oh, you got those oh that is not good that’s really really bad. But it’s all fix able. Smile and stop crying it’s going to be all right.

“Eric is always so calm when I need WordPress help.”

That is what Tory keeps saying that people tell her about an issue that I solved for them. Man are they wrong, just kidding, well just until August “Go Hawks”. Thanks for the complements, but it’s my job. First off most of the issues I get to deal with are not earth shattering, there a couple of times where if you saw me you would turn and run but those are rare. Unless its email related I hate troubleshooting email. WITH A PASSION.

WordPress is not that hard to fix or solve if there is some weird error. Most of the time most of my WordPress help calls are user error and nothing much more than that. No that is not a slam on anyone it’s just the nature of the beast and it is part of the learning curve. Oh no one told you there was one, yes I did.

“Nothing Lining Up Right.”

Have you tried left? (insert crickets here for bad web design joke) This is the most common problem I hear. Alignment issues, I sometimes I have to giggle when I see a page with an image smack dab in the middle of two paragraphs. The way some pictures go when everyone is going click happy on your mouse is awesome. When you are in your page or post your image will show up where you just clicked in the edit window, otherwise it follows the cursor. And this is typically when you are typing in the edit window and decide “oh I forgot my image” and plop it in there.

Easy fix you can click and drag it to where it’s supposed to be, anther quick fix no matter if it’s going to go right or left drag it to the very beginning of your paragraph. Your edit window is not going to show you the real view. Let me say that again your edit window is not what it will look like on the live site so don’t compare. Move it to the front.

Align pictures first then if you have other text to align center do that next. Make it easy on yourself.

“This Is So Hard To Do.”

Shhhhh, it’s actually very easy. Do you use word? Perfect, that is harder than WordPress  by far, but you can type everything in there, DON’T DO ANYTHING SPECIAL FORMATTING, then copy and paste into your edit window. Tada really easy, then do your headings and images and click on the update. It’s Magic I tell you.

Now when you do formatting in Word and copy and paste it to WordPress the formatting might not be the same because WordPress is trying to read the Word Code and well it gets ugly quick.  Just think of it like oil and water no matter how hard and fast you stir it will never mix.

“My Links Are Not Working.”

This number 2 on the most common list, broken links to either your own pages or someone else’s page. Don’t worry this is something I still do, yep I make boo boos to it’s because I am human and been up since 4 am every day. I didn’t stutter. The only reason that these happen is because of bad copy and paste. Plain and simple, so good trick go to the web page your trying to link to click anther tab, then click back to your tab and then click in the address bar (where it says what no one links to there? Well that’s a damn shame. Anyway once you do that the whole URL will be selected copy and paste into the WordPress link box and you should see http:// in there now. Don’t forget to click update.


Well that’s about that it seems to cover all of the WordPress Help issues I have to deal with on a day to day basis. They seem major but they are fixable and minor until your hacked or get a 500 error then you know you have problems.
WordPress is really not that hard to master, you just have to watch your copy and paste and that sly little cursor. That cursor seems to be the hardest one to master sometimes.

WordPress Help is just an email away or if the water works are about to start then WordPress Help is just a phone call away. I will always help you fix it and tell you how not to do it again. Just don’t tell me your WordPress thing is broken because then it makes me want to cry. Oh if you want email help call Nick he will do it.