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Facebook for business offers brands the ability to build a warm and receptive audience inside the Facebook ecosystem for absolutely free. Use Facebook Ads Manager to craft and launch content to your target audience. A Facebook ad can be the most predictable and, therefore, a repeatable form of advertising. 

Since 2004 Facebook as asked for, tracked and retained more consumer information than almost any other entity. Although early Facebook at its core was intended to exclude the outside world. Once the decision was made to offer free access to everyone the product of Facebook became their ability to garner intimate insights into not only our buying behaviors but on an interpersonal level our passions and predispositions.

These decades of data can be used to carry your message to a highly relevant audience for a relatively low investment. Although organic reach which I define as attention you garner without paying for it is at an all-time low on Facebook, Facebook Ads as a strategy are still unsurpassed when it comes to receiving the highest returns on your small financial investment. 

For a local business, a highly targeted Facebook Ads campaign can deliver a large return for a small investment. The key is understanding how to use the data available to ensure your message is delivered to a HIGHLY RELEVANT audience.

Using the Facebook Audience insight tools to create highly targeted audience pools for your ads makes success repeatable. Working with a seasoned Facebook Ads specialist like All Media to craft the right message and determine the correct budget and creative /offer (type of ad) is key to repeatable success. Imagine buying ads in the newspaper, except this newspaper allows you to pay for delivery just to those you know are likely to be warm to your offer. Moreover, you get data metrics from every campaign you run to ensure you improve your results time after time. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing is a two-way activity allowing a relationship to blossom.

With a decade of experience running Facebook ads, pages, and groups under our belt, All Media can honestly state that almost no business or brand is immune to finding a relevant audience on Facebook. What is critical to your success is understanding the right message at the right time.

Facebook ads offer three predictable and repeatable objectives for everyone.

Objective 1-Submit content to locate a cold but highly likley to engage audience. Facebook shows up on the scene without being invited and delivers your content. Affording you the opportunity to warm that audience up and enlighten them on the value you provide. With Facebook Ads Manager, you can set it and forget it, returning to mine the data that are the building blocks to crafting consistent definable growth plans.

Objective 2-With skill and earned insight, you can expect to move your cold audience to a warm follower by earning their trust and providing value and support. Note this message should be different from the message of Objective 1. A cold audience may need to see your content up to 10 times before they warm to you. A warm audience will think you are tone-deaf if you deliver the wrong message.

Objective 3-Segment and retarget with hyper refined offers and content.
Attempt to overcome barriers and objectives; make them an offer they can’t refuse!

The Facebook ecosphere offers marketing opportunities and entry points with almost zero barriers to entry, making it possible for the little guy to be as wildly successful as the big brands. The tools are the same for everyone. However, skill and success will need to be earned.

Note: In 2021, Facebook rolled out not only a new name, META but strictly enforced all Facebook community advertisers to migrate to their new Meta Business Suite. Even for the seasoned advertiser, security measures such as two-party authentication and approved partners have been a major stumbling block. Facebook support forums are drowning with complaints of restricted ads, removed pages, and closed ad accounts. 2022 is not a time to be going alone when it comes to building your brand on Facebook.

Some Metrics to support our message: Using the free tool available at, anyone can analyze a top brand’s behavior when it comes to an understanding of their investment of time and money into one of the current social media platforms. Take, for instance, who currently spends 90% of its social media marketing on Facebook ads. The result is a full 8.79% of its earned social traffic.


Founded in 2010 by former Google and Yahoo developers Peter Szulczewski and Danny Zhang, Wish is an eCommerce company with upwards of $1 billion in annual revenue. Wish started as an app where users could create wishlists of their favorite products and was monetized using a pay-per-click model.

As their business grew, Wish started promoting similar products to its users based on their existing wishlists. This led to partnerships with some merchants, who provided their products directly via the Wish platform. Connecting third-party sellers to buyers through turned out to be the business model that would sustain their growth moving forward.

Worth noting here, the company was founded by a former Google and Yahoo developers who used FACEBOOK ads to locate their target and most relevant audience. The real benefit of modern marketing is our inherent ability to model our behavior after leaders in our industry. If it worked to scale Wish it can work to scale your business too!

If you are finally ready to harness the power of Facebook communities and Facebook ads to grow your business All Media can help. We offer one to one training or monthly marketing packages.

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