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twitter expands to 10,000 words

Why do you think Twitter wants to expand to 10,000 characters?

Have you heard the news? Twitter announced come July of 2016 it will expand the 140-character limit on private messages to 10,000. What is that all about you may ask? I a few articles point to the idea that it’s an effort to grow their user base by allowing the longer tweets. Some say current Twitters users have been using Twitter like a Facebook timeline all along posting multiple tweets in a row to get out a longer message. Some users currently post pics of their text messages all in an effort to get a longer communication on the page.

I have posted a link to two articles puzzling over reason behind the action:

I would like to add a third concept to the conversation.

2016 is about to reveal a change in search that will revolutionize the internet as we know it. Due to the overwhelming use of social media platforms to share information regarding customer satisfaction with goods and services Google is now  posting your social media posts as top returns in search.  The act of finding goods and services is just a tweet or status post away.

More over consumers are turning away from traditional search in favor of search in their social platforms. Ask for the best vendor and you instantly receive a vetted response. No amount of keyword stuffing or SEO stunts can overcome the power of the people sharing their real-time reviews.

The good news is consumers wield more power than ever before. The bad news is those who have chosen to ignore their social media will find it difficult to recover the ground lost to highly socially active companies.

Food for thought.