All Media Internet Marketing Strategies – Bainbridge Island

TWO sure fire ways to know what is top of mind today with your most relevant audience! Craft content that HITS with your target audience..

This post began with the goal of sharing two solid ways to locate top-of-mind or current FAQ’s from your warm audience. I stand by the idea that time is money, and if you are a solo-pruner doing everything for yourself, I highly recommend shortcuts when you find them; the shear volume of content required to do the work of touching your relevant audience in hopes of coaxing them to follow your post back to your website can be overwhelming and lead to inconsistency. Please know that it can take 90 days of consistency and data review before your activities reveal a repeatable and predictable path. I am sharing two fast ways to find topics that will HIT right away with your relevant audience. I encourage easy scheduling with WordPress and daily review of your Google Analytics to shorten the timeline.


The second bit of content here is purely MY POINT-OF-VIEW. Please don’t troll me. It should be taken with a sense of humor and not as harmful criticism. I share my own personal experience as a consumer. I frequently say that there has never been a better time to make a living doing something your love. You can do something you are good at or something you love. The choice we all have right now is ours to make.

My personal experience during the Covid-Puse was the bigger the brand, the bigger the wall it built between them and their consumer. In fact, I still find plenty of brands today citing “due to covid constraints,” which, at three years in, is unacceptable.  Honestly, I was giddy at the idea that closing doors to the public would result in a flood of brands finally reaching out to embrace digital tools to connect with their customers where they begin their solution-seeking, which is on the internet, but my glee was quickly extinguished when I realize many were failing miserably.

History will prove that those who choose to decline to find their unique and winning path online will become extinct. I hope that recording these modules makes it clear that the tools are mostly free. How you use them to support your dream is in your hands, not mine.  I was in retail for 25 years, and during that time of store ownership, I never had one tool to supply real-time data to support my decision-making process. Additionally, I had no tools to connect 24/7 with potential customers.  I had the real “shackles” on of my brick-and-mortar awaiting the opportunity to walk through my door. Digitals tools allow your customer connection to begin online where 70% of us are seeking solutions. Whether you meet the inquiry with an e-commerce option or a piece of content and a friction-free path to find your storefront is solely up to you.