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Getting A Little Extra WordPress Help Here.

Do you use Microsoft Word to do Blog Posts? – All Media Internet Marketing Strategies Tech Blog

I do. It’s not because I use it to do any styling (and neither should you), we will get into that in a later tutorial. I use it because I am not a word smith or super speller. And most times, Word sits there and looks at me like “Really? What are you trying to say here, because I don’t have a clue.” I can sit on the phone and tell you how to make your website make toast without a problem. You give me a spelling test I start to slide under my desk and cry a little. But enough about me, why are you using it? Maybe because it takes you a bit of time to write a blog post, so you have to save it and come back to it a few times before you finish it. Whatever your reason, it is awesome. Use it to blog to your heart’s content (twice a week at least). But if you’re having problems getting it to your edit window, or it’s all out of “whack”, or you’re saying my favorite expression I’ve heard from some of you that I am not going to repeat because it’s naughty and children don’t need to read that, I’m here to help.

Some of you know the trick to fix it, some need a little reminder of how to do that. Which is all fine, I do not mind repeating myself if you’re doing it on your own. Which is the ultimate goal of getting everyone to start blogging, right? I should hear “Yes Eric.” or what other combination you want to throw in there (don’t worry I have thick skin I can take it… maybe).

Anyway, you get done writing your post and you put in WordPress and are looking at it and asking yourself “Why is it showing up like that?” Well, the quick answer it’s not WordPress, it’ is Word. If you are styling it in Word, you need to stop that now. I said now. Word puts special code around those spots and WordPress will look at it and try it’s best to make it look like that. But since WordPress is not Word it has no clue on what to do with it. So, the first thing is first get rid of the Wingdings font and all of the headings that you put in there or it more than likely won’t show up right.

Next, if you’re putting it in Post Editor via the Visual Tab flip it to text and paste it in there. Quick tip for you mouse highlighters: Click in Word (anywhere) and press CTRL + A and it will highlight everything quickly, then do CTRL + C to copy, then go to WordPress and click in the edit window and press CTRL + V to paste into WordPress. Your welcome, trust me, those steps will save you time and finger ligaments.

Once it is in there, you can switch it back to visual to check your paragraph spacing (sometimes you need to add them back in there). Then you can add your styling points back in, like your headings and bold fonts, links and such.

Don’t forget your images.

Finally, save as draft and view your post to see what it’s looking like. Better? Easier?