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According to a recent post on Mediabistro’s AllTwitter site, 63 percent of local searchers are more likely to use a business that displays info on a social media site so…

Update your profiles Pics frequently, use professional images. Invest in a professional headshot! Everyone needs a professional image.

When posting for your company use an approved version  the company logo if your the brand use an image of yourself.

Consider the average person is going to decide in 0.005 seconds or the flap of a hummingbirds wing how they feel about you and or your image.

Invest in professional graphics A good resource for stock photos is

DO NOT STEAL IMAGES OFF THE INTERNET! You will get caught and when you do the conversation starts at hundreds if not thousands of dollars.
Images found in an image search online are NOT FREE!

A good resource for free Facebook cover images

A good free editing tool for making collages and a lot more

Facebook Profile Image :          180px  x 180px or 2.5 in x 2.5 in

Facebook Cover Image :            851px  x 315px or 11.819 in  x 4.375 in


Twitter Profile Image:               400px x 400px  or 5.55 in x 5.55 in

Twitter Cover Image :                1500px  x 500px or 20.8 in x 6.9 in


Linked in Profile Image :          2500px  x 200px or 34 in x 2.7 in

Linked In company pages standard logo : 100px  x 60px or 1.389 in x 0.83 in

Company Banner :                     646px  x 220px or 8.9 in x 2.77 in


Google Plus Profile :                  120px  x 120px or 1.67 in x 1.67 in

Cover Image :                               1080px x  608px  or 15 in x 8.44 in


Instagram profile Image          180px  x 180px or 2.5 in x 2.5 in

Get started today on claiming your massive fan base via social media it is almost FREE!