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The Value of Inbound Marketing

Traditional outbound marketing

Traditional outbound marketing revolves around the idea of distributing offers to people who may not need or want your goods and services. At All Media, we specialize in inbound marketing efforts, fine tuning your website, participating in social media, and the creation of an email campaign. These are all channels that will bear fruit instantly once a consumer makes a move to buy; becoming the trusted resource for your area of expertise has the power of a long tail. Success on this level easily tracks able as long as you create a resource page.

I challenge you to identify a resource you or your business can align yourselves with and provide broad spectrum support on. Create a landing or resource page off your website which will allow you to track interest and participation. Dedicate the next 90 days to owning the topic. Rinse and repeat until you find evidence that you’re connecting with an audience.

To be clear I am saying “Resource Page” not “Squeeze page”.  Aiming to become a resource builds upon the idea of repeat visitors and your company becoming aligned with product knowledge in the eyes of the buying public. Once your status is secured as the go-to resource any future purchases will be yours without further investment.

The simple act of chumming for interest will force you to create buyers profile an act I feel is widely overlooked.

Let me know your results.


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