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So we are going to discuss the best practices for writing your blog post. STOP! I know you are tired of me talking about blogging. That’s nice. If you start blogging I will get off your back. You have a WordPress site and have the most popular blogging platform and have a very powerful SEO plug-in at your finger tips. There are no excuses now. Plus not only does Google wants to rank your site better your customers want to hear about your business so they can share it with their friends to get you new customers.

How is that for a payoff for 2 extra hours a week to put into blogging. So let’s go over some practices of creating a successful blog.

Your Blogging Like Everyone Else

Don’t blog like the big guy on the block. You need to be yourself. If you write the way you act in your store when you meet your customers then they will want to read your blog and share it with others. It comes down to keep your voice your own. Your blog is another extension of your brand and your job is to sell it the way you sell your brick and mortar store.

No Keyword/Phrase Research

Google News that you need to know.This one absolutely drives me up the wall. If you don’t have any keyword research then how are you going to target your audience? When you start your Web Site you should have an idea of what keywords describe your brand or services. You then go into Google Trends and see how those words are trending and here is a little info it will actually put a few words up that are trending that go off of the word you entered. What does that mean? It just gave you other keywords that you could use on your blog post.

There are a couple of other tools that you could use main Google Adwords Keyword planner which break down the cost of your keywords and likeminded keywords that are doing well in Adwords campaigns. Plus it will tell you how much it would cost you if you to use them in an Adword campaign.

No Focus or Topics are all over the place

If your site is about Flowers don’t start blogging about to make the best steak. You would be surprised. Stay with the message of your site. Use your categories and tags that are boosting the message of your site. Stay on point and do not go off the rails.

You know it’s not about you. Right? RIGHT?

Your blog is for you customers and bringing in new customers. It is supposed to help your customers learn about your brand and/or services. Your blog’s job is to get your customers informed about everything that you are trying to sell. Use your about page to tell everyone about you not your blog.

Using Free Hosting or Domains

There are so many free platforms out there and I get asked a lot if people should be using that instead. If you don’t want to use your own domain, have no access to your content, if you stop paying or using it your content is gone and the worst part most of these don’t let you optimize your site for SEO correctly.

Google will also not really like your domain, most often your domain will be like this:

Google wants a domain name that legit and not something that it might consider a robot. Plus why don’t you want to be yourself?

Your helping to much or Not helping at all

Just because you see some code snippet online does not mean it will work on your site. You don’t need all the bells and whistles for your site. First it will slow your site down dramatically and second it might not mix with other things on your site. Simple and smooth make web designers and Google happy.

Now not helping is a HUGE no no. There should be no reason that you cannot supply content for your site either it be static pages or blog posts. It’s your company and you should know it in and out. If you have a flower shop your web designer should not be supplying your content because one they don’t know about or two they took it from another site. And that is plagiarism and if you get caught your hosting company will take your site down if they are worth their salt. Content should be coming  to you so you can put your own spin and message out. So where are your blog posts?

#$#@(% I got hacked or content is stolen

Welcome to the technology era. It happens way too much for both. Last year we had a site that was copied word for word and used on a site out of the US. That site used the persons image and name as well. Nothing makes my ulcer grow faster than someone stealing a whole site. The only saving grace was that the hosting company was based in the US and we could get the site taken down in about 20 days. It takes some time for that to happen so you have to make sure your site is updated and you have some curiosity.

Hacking is another ulcer maker. There are so many hacking attempts going on a daily basis. Either they direct your site to sites that proclaim allegiance to a group (they are in the news daily and they have black flags) or they direct your site to adult style sites. Nothing makes artist more happy when their exhibit is being featured on an art site to go and show their images to a group of people and to bring up the site and then you are looking pictures of other objects. Yes that happened.

So moral of the story here is make sure you and your web designer are keeping your site updated and secure. And if you are sharing your site to other sites BEFORE YOU DO THAT check with your designer to make sure that sites are legit.

Are you getting your list?

Either it being a email list or Facebook audience you need to be finding out how to market your site via some type of online marketing. You can put a MailChimp or Constant Contact form on your site to build up a mail campaign list. There really is no work at all.

Facebook has an option to have you track what type of people and their interests that are visiting your site. That way you can create an audience to target ads to. Which brings them back.


Encouarge your readers to share your post via social networks, make comments on your posts, sign up for your mail list, like and follow you on the Facebooks and the Tweeties.

But most important all of them TALK TO THEM. If they comment answer back, if they leave a comment on the Twitter or Facebook answer them. Simple as that.

Be consistent and keep to your schedule

If you are sharing your posts via your social networks then you can find out very quickly when the peak time is for your posts to go out. If you are using Twitter and you are following people in your niche you can tell when the peak times are for posts. For example my peak time is between 4 am to 8 am every day. That is when I get the most bang out of my buck on Twitter. And on Facebook it’s actually around 1pm to 4pm. Good thing you can schedule posts to go out during those times so I don’t have to try to remember. And like I keep saying you can schedule posts in WordPress to go out on your best days to get the most visibility.

I will say it again if you can use 2 hours on a Sunday you can bust out a few blog posts to go out during the week. It’s easy I have given you the tools to succeed it’s up to you do it.

If you have questions or comments leave it below or if you have a more detailed question email me here. And follow us on Twitter and Facebook.