Did my Web Site push people to vote for Trump?

Secret.Google.com You are invited! Enter only with this ticket URL. Copy it. Vote for Trump! Your Google Analytics says that. At least for quite a few of you, there are some spam bots trying to capitalize on the election. NOTE:

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SEO Case Study: The Battle of the URL

SEO Case Study

SEO Case Study: One client has two different websites with different URLs. There is different content, same type of business but different brands but same business name. I am going to call them the old URL and new URL to

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SEO Priorities in year 2016

Time To beat Google

Howdy! So now that you have your to-do list of SEO Practices today we are going to go over SEO Priorities. Yeppers, more stuffs to do for SEO in 2016. Tory and I have had many a conversations about the

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Want to know 2016 SEO to do list?

search-engine-optimization tools from All Media Internet Marketing

So we are in 2016 now, yes I know it’s really late no better time for 2016 SEO help. Happy New Year anyway. So 2016 is the year that Google’s lil bot is going to become more self aware. They

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The Hacking of Your WordPress Site!

Hacking web guy hiding.

Good morning everyone. Yep, I am back to the blogging scene. The practice what I preach thing, it’s been a very busy time for me and I just had to step away for a moment. During that time I have

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What you will need to understand to Getting discovered on the internet in 2016

Okay this video is not the 3.5 seconds ( the average attention span of a visitor) however the discussion here between these 4 men and Google is so important I hope you make the effort to focus for the whole

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Mine a # Hashtag TODAY!

All Media internet Marketing

Cultivating a # Hashtag is free and has longtail rewards. This is inbound marketing magic at it’s best. Free to do and for early adopters a lifetime of brand benefits. 1- Do your research to ensure you don’t tap into a

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The Value of Inbound Marketing

Traditional outbound marketing Traditional outbound marketing revolves around the idea of distributing offers to people who may not need or want your goods and services. At All Media, we specialize in inbound marketing efforts, fine tuning your website, participating in

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What is a bot and why would I want to attract it’s attention?

Here is another offering geared to outlining a basic internet concept. What is a BOT, specifically a Google BOT. This concept is important for understanding Google Search returns. Once you fully understand the index is compiled of page scans and captures

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Facebook offers new ad: LEADS ADS

New Features Make Lead Ads Better Lead ads launched just a few months ago to give people a quick way to sign up for information from the businesses they care about. In that short time, advertisers have seen great success,

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WP Tutors Action Report

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