The POWER of a page

At All Media, we understand the value of strategy when it comes to success. Here is a strategy guaranteed to help you connect with an audience and start to build a market share for your goods and or services. It\'s

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The Best Times to Post

I start every morning the same way. I come in and check my data. It occurred to me there had to be a tip there.The first thing that came to mind was BEST TIME TO POST. Okay, BEST TIME TO

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10 New Facebook Features for 2016

facebook trends 2016

As is the case for every yearly turn of the calendar, new things are on the horizon. In the case of our friends at Facebook, here are the top ten offerings. 1. Facebook Live Video (for all) 2. Facebook Professional

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Why do you think Twitter wants to expand to 10,000 characters?

twitter expands to 10,000 words

Have you heard the news? Twitter announced come July of 2016 it will expand the 140-character limit on private messages to 10,000. What is that all about you may ask? I a few articles point to the idea that it’s

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Three experiments you can run today in under 5 minutes

search-engine-optimization tools from All Media Internet Marketing

This is an excerpt from a Buffersocial article originally posted Oct-2015. Increasing your reach on any social network Every social network is different when it comes to increasing your reach. For example, specific tactics that work well on Facebook don’t

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It’s Time To Increase Your Site Traffic!

All Media provides winning social media strategies for business

Everyone wants traffic on their site, real people traffic not the spam bots that drive up your Google Analytics numbers and leave you nice comments about Coach Bags or some new diet pill. There are easy ways to increase your

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Google Started Panda 4.2 – Where you ready?

Getting A Little Extra WordPress Help Here.

So here we are sitting, waiting, watching and wondering when Google is going to push the button. And after a short 10 months (is it football season yet?) they started it on July 18. Panda 4.2 started to roll out.

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WordPress Tutorial Tuesday: WordPress Slideshow

wordpress tutorial video

WordPress Tutorial: Create A WordPress Gallery Slideshow Plug-In: Simple Lightbox Level: Novice In this tutorial we will be going over a way to create a Slideshow using a WordPress Gallery in your posts or pages. This is a simple and

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The Oops Factor With WordPress – A little WordPress Help – All Media Internet Marketing Strategies Tech Blog

Getting A Little Extra WordPress Help Here.

Let’s all collect ourselves and grab our mats and sit on the floor for a bit of stress relief. We all need to breath in and let it out. Feeling better? Good NOW GET UP YOU BROKE YOUR SITE!!!!!! Relax

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Why Is Your Content So Important? Feed The Google Spider. – All Media Internet Marketing Strategies Tech Blog

Get The Latest Google News and To Help Your Web Site Rank Better

So everyone has heard the phrase that “Content Is King”, it’s the truth nothing will kill your site faster than bad content. With this new Google Update everyone should be rethinking or restructuring their content to get back on Google’s

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