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What is it?

SEO otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization is the process of routing traffic for free or organically (if you go technical) from your friends Google, Bing and Yahoo to rank and list your web pages and other web content. Search engines uses Keywords or phrases to rank your web content based on search phrases and keywords that users use to find items and ranks them.

How do does SEO work?

SEO works like this, when a search engine crawls your website it is looking at the keywords and phrases that you have established for the website and comparing it to the content on your site (the readable area for the visitor) and then ranks your website to the other websites that are about the same subject. So when someone searches for example white fudge and your site is about white fudge, hopefully your web site will appear on the first page of the search results. But if your site is about white fudge and you talk about peach fudge and you still have white fudge as the key phrase or word, then when people search for peach fudge they are probably not going to find you.

So how do I fix it?

Well there is a few ways to get this done. If you are maintaining your own site you can rewrite the content around your keywords or phrases that are already established for your site. If you have no idea what I just said in that last statements, then you either talk to your web designer (who should have told you about that to begin with) or you need to hire someone to help you. There is a warning coming with this so please read on. If you have questions about SEO email Eric or Tory and we will be glad to answer your questions for you.
Beware of the companies that claim they can get you to the first page of Google in a day. Those results are really not going to happen. It takes usually 30 days to see the full effects of your SEO work. The best way to see that your SEO is working is with your web site analytics to see if people are coming to your site.