All Media Internet Marketing Strategies – Bainbridge Island

Google is the only brand whos target audience could be ANYONE.

I used to believe that anyone I spoke to who had a business was a potential client for me. I was wrong. It has taken me years to say, “Right now, I do not see a role for me.”
Just like me, your most relevant audience is not everyone. Let me say that again. Your relevant or TARGET audience is not everyone.

I know now that my ideal client or target audience is someone looking to grow their local storefront or service business by learning to use social media ATTENTION marketing. Or an ingenious start-up that I can provide the type of visibility that brings in more sales that allow their ideas to grow, and therefore they can afford to keep me as a retained marketing expert. 


The first conversation I have when assessing whether a marketing relationship will bring value to a client’s brand is:

  1. Who is your target audience
  2. What is your life-changing message
  3. Do you have ownership over your digital assets?

I can provide the expertise and strategy to go live with branded and professional content to deliver your message to a warm and relevant audience, but I cannot create a need where there is none. Neither can you, which is why, by and large, most potential clients prefer to say, “I tried it, but it didn’t work for me.”

For any business to scale beyond your working in it all day long to stay afloat, it needs to have at least one sought-after feature, service, or product. It needs to solve a problem people are looking to resolve. No one turns down a solution to their problem. A solution sells itself. You need only place that solution or message where it is most likely to find an audience who is looking. That is the beauty and the bounty of social media ATTENTION marketing.

I stake my paycheck on results. I teach and ascribe to working backward from the results. Years of experience have taught me to start small and narrow.

I recommend every brand fuel its marketing/messaging
by claiming and using just three tools. Start small with a narrow focus and work backward from your success. If you are local and only have the resources for one, stick with Google Business Profile. Success will leave clues.

  1. Google My Business Profile.
  2. One social media platform, which for most of us will be Facebook
  3. A self-hosted WordPress website

I am looking to connect with people who want to grow their dreams into thriving businesses. Are your dreams ready for the impact social media ATTENTION marketing can bring? Maybe now is the right time for both of us. Let’s chat.