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So everyone has heard the phrase that “Content Is King”, it’s the truth nothing will kill your site faster than bad content. With this new Google Update everyone should be rethinking or restructuring their content to get back on Google’s good side. We are, we haven’t been hit but now is a great time to retool and tweak your bad pages. Your site’s message better be clear and cut and dry or you will get bit by that bot.


There are two phrases that I hear on a constant basis that is like finger nails on a chalk board “I don’t have time to blog” and “My customers won’t read it, it’s just a waste of time”. Really! For the time aspect I covered that last week. I had some time this nice 3 day weekend sitting in a hospital and I wrote 3 in two hours, no not this one but they will be coming out this week. I know some of you can’t type fast or still do the hunt and peck (but you text 70 words a second I don’t understand how that works) it doesn’t matter you need to blog. Google is not going to keep ranking your site in a good spot if there is not fresh content on your site monthly.

For example, Paisley Place is one of our sites, Paula runs a small crew to set up some houses for her sales and sets some sales up for herself and she is constantly on the run marketing herself one way or another. Guess what else she does? Come on guess, that’s right, she blogs. She hates computers I mean with a passion, she is just starting to revamp her site on her own (with help) and she is pumping out blog posts. Aaaaannnndddd getting new content on her site. Her site traffic has increased 50-60% in the last two months and the real bonus it’s hitting the right people because she is making sales off her site and people show up to her sales and tell her they found her by her site. Granted she still needs a bit of help from us time to time but she is doing the heavy lifting.

For the comment about my customers don’t want to read it and it’s a waste of time, Paula at Paisley used to laugh at me when I told her she should blog because she felt the same way. Now look at her. I am in the business of keeping customers so if your customers have told you they don’t want to read a blog, ok that is their choice but my main focus is to make sure you keep getting new customers. Because new customers are new money, old customers are old money. And every business knows new money means new opportunity. So that is where your blog comes in pulling in that new money and keep turning the new money into old money that is on top of the older money. I listened to business radio this weekend and took the guys phrase he said to someone that told him the same thing about signage outside his business. I know I am only 38 what are doing listening to that? It was about a brewery and wanted to know more about them because I like their beer.


What time is the best time to make posts on your social media?Now social sharing/networking/marketing whatever you want to call it plays in hand with your blog. Well if you use Hootsuite (which is free if you just use 3 networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus) you can schedule your blog posts to go across all 3 of your networks with a link back to it in one click of a button. And it’s really easy to use and quicker than going through each interface and doing it. THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOUR MAIL CHIMP OR CONSTANT CONTACT. Man that makes my ulcer act up. Your blog post will actually hit a broader audience if you are sharing them on your Social Platforms.

Plus with a good post you could set up an ad campaign in Facebook and Twitter with a custom audience for 10 dollars a week. Sorry, sound like one of those commercials everyone wants to turn off during football and you can’t find the remote. But it is true if you just boost your good posts you bring in more people to your site which turns them to your store. Smell that new money mmmm that smells good.


You sing up for my mailing list? You get some cool stuff on it. Things you will not get on the web site. That is what you need to do on your site as well. This is way to thank the visitors that want to know more about you and reward them with info no one else will get unless they email it to a friend. This is not for everyone so stop posting it to your social networks. Promote a sale, webinar, meet and greet, lecture or car wash it doesn’t matter these people took an extra step to hear more about your store give them the first dibs on things.


All Media internet marketing grammer tips for bloggingThere will always be the ones lurking in the dark shadows of the web that will jump your butt for a bad comma or two words that don’t belong in a sentence that is one word to short. But you do have to pay attention to it. I use word because I lack the spelling gene and I protest your protests over my commas. There are so many things out there to show you where you’re making an error and to tell you that you type speech is like a 4th grader that had too much chocolate milk. It was actually telling me something worse. Just reread your pages and posts if you are missing a word add it or you start thinking bad thoughts about people like me. I try to be correct but this is how I talk to you on the phone and I am not changing so there ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.


It is way beyond time to get everything in gear and going in the right direction. I know I am going to hear this other phrase “Why is my traffic falling?” I will just email a link to all of my blogging blog posts. Seriously, fresh new constant content is the only way to stay on the first page now. And if you are not using Google Trends you better start. If you do not know what to write I can help you there to. But you need to act or that 30 day climb is going to feel like forever.

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