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WordPress Security Issue – All Media Internet Marketing Strategies Tech Blog

Here is another reason to sign up for our Monthly Visibility Audit.

Malwarebytes has found another malware delivery campaign that is seeking out compromised WordPress sites. This time your site will be directed to a different kind of site.

The site is a clone of Pirate Bay, some of you might remember that Pirate Bay is where you can illegally download almost anything and the creators of the site are tucked away in a nice Swedish jail cell.

This one is a bit different since it’s riding in on bad Flash objects that are commonly used on your sites. And it will put a redirect in the code that will take it to this site. So if you are holding on to those old flash objects it’s time to get rid of them and use another avenue. Also if you have putting off that annoying flash update box that keeps popping up when you go to some websites I strongly suggest you push the allow button and wait the 2 min for the update. Because you could get hit with it and pass it along to your site.

Also when you are at your favorite coffee shop try not to log into your site and updating your blog because public wifi signals are not always that secure.

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